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What worked last year may not work this year.

That’s technology in a nutshell.  Here are the top 5 mistakes you can make on your website in 2018.

5. Popups not used properly

Yes, they are useful and yes they moderation and used right.

Overuse of pop ups and using them at the wrong time proves unsuccessful.  Have you ever been on a site that has a pop up pop up after you close out of a pop up? The annoying feeling that a person gets when this happens is as annoying as it was to type that sentence. 

Even worse than overuse of a pop up is placing them where they don’t make sense.  If I am a first time visitor to your website and you present a pop up within 5 seconds of me landing on your website and you are asking me to provide my email address in order to receive your newsletter, I’m going to instantly close out of it.  Why?  Because you’ve provided me with no reason to give you my email address.  I know nothing about your business because you haven’t given me the chance to learn yet.  Timing is everything.  The most successful pop ups are exit attempt pop ups.  If the user is leaving your website, you have nothing to lose right?  It’s a hail Mary attempt that works…if the offer is right.

You have to offer people something they want or need.  Getting my email in return for your newsletters knowing that its all an attempt to sell me on something later is not an appealing offer.  However, offering 10% off of the product that I was just contemplating is. 

4. Making things hard to find

One of the biggest mistakes that people make is not having unbiased visitors test their site.  Watching someone who has never seen your website navigate through it can be one of the biggest epiphany moments of your life.  Maybe not that extreme, but you’d be surprised at how simple even the most intelligent person needs a website to be.  You have to spell it out to people, walk them through your website step by step and make everything obvious.  Burying pages in sub menus is one of the biggest mistakes people make next to pushing a site live without having it tested.

3.Unattractive design

The first impression your business gets from online visitors is the home page of your website.  Most people make a decision to stay or leave a site within the first 5 seconds of landing on it.  Even if they don’t actually close out of the site, the initial emotion felt when that page opened resinates through the rest of the experience.  There is no right or wrong design in general, but there is a right and a wrong design for your brand.


How long do you look at the spinning icon in the middle of the page before you give up and leave a website?  Well there’s a 40% chance that you will close out if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds.  That’s right…3 seconds.  And that’s longer than the 2 second expectation that most visitors place on a website.  You might as well shut your site down if it’s not made for speed.

1. Mobile responsive

Of course this is #1.  Over 80% of online business is conducted on a mobile devices.  If a user cannot access your website and easily make the transaction they went there for, then you can count out their business all together.

So how does your website stack up?  If your site isn’t looking as hot as it did before reading this post then you should consider hiring a developer to spice it up.  How do you go about that?  Here are some helpful tips on how to choose a website developer. 

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