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Here are the top 10 website mistakes you’re more than likely making in 2019.

10. Too much text

There’s a place for text but it’s not on the home page.  Text should be in a place that is easy to find for people who want to read further. Simple sentences, brief explanations and photography is all you need to convert.

9. Not up to date / 404 errors

Copyright should be the current year, blog posts should be recent and photos should be updated regularly. Check frequently for broken links and 404 redirects. Not only hurts your SEO ratings but not a good look to visitors.

8. Not tracking

How do you know what is driving traffic to your site if you aren’t tracking it? If you don’t know what is driving traffic you won’t know what to continue doing! Tracking is everything!

Use tools like Google Analytics, Buffer, Hootsuite etc to track traffic to your site and the behavior on your site.  Make sure you analyze it and apply that to your campaigns.

7. Lack of CTA’s

Don’t make visitors hunt down the add to cart button. At any given point a call to action should be visible. Whether it’s a “Buy Now” or “Sign Up”, there should always be a reason for them to stay on your site.

You can have one call to action for a newsletter sign up or you can have 5 calls to action leading to products, newsletters and other content. Be sure our web developer uses this strategy when building your site!

6. Cluttered or busy

These are images of real websites that are online today. Of course one is worse than the other, they are both way too busy and not efficient.  The average attention span of a human being is now less than 8 seconds. If your website is too busy for the visitor to find what they need in under 8 seconds you lose that customer.  Clean and clutter free will convert.

5. Confusing navigation

People have options for everything they could ever want.  What people don’t have is patience and time.  If you have a website that makes it difficult to find what they need…they will go somewhere that makes it easy.  If you want visitors to go where you want them to go then direct them there and make that an obvious choice for them!

4. What do you sell?

It needs to be obvious what your site is about within seconds.  Don’t make users read an entire bio to find out what you are trying to sell them.  Your website should tell a story and guide the visitor without questioning what your purpose is. A website shouldn’t be random elements placed on the page with text and an image. Your website should be an experience.

3. Secure & protect

If you somehow have a site without an SSL certificate and Google hasn’t flagged it, then your site is the last site on earth for Google to crawl.  You have to have an SSL certificate (what gives your site the padlock and https://) especially if you are conducting any type of e-commerce.  Protecting your site from malware and viruses is more important than ever. Make sure you have Wordfence on a WordPress site or some other 3rd party service.

2. Not responsive

Everyone knows why this is on the list.

1. Speed

2 seconds is all you get. 2 seconds before a new visitor will leave your site if it isn’t loading.  It could be media, that’s what everyone thinks first. It could also be necessary maintenance needed, SSL certificate issues or poor hosting service.  A website always needs attention and needs to be maintained.  Find a developer that has options that work for you.

So now what?

If this post hit home, you may need a new website or a website makeover. Remember, most of the time your website is what people see before they get the chance to talk to you.  You could be missing out on business just because you’ve been ignoring your website or lack of.

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