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Website hosting reviews

When getting started with a new website, one item that is usually last on the list to figure out before getting started is, where is this going to be hosted?

We review some options for web hosting both free and paid to help you navigate the waters of website ownership. There are some key concepts we use to determine who we use for hosting and those are ease of use, customer service, and technical support.

Free Website Hosting

Web hosting, believe it or not, can come in at the low low cost of free. We’re getting started with the free hosts because these are a great way to get off the ground for the lowest possible cost. When it comes to free web hosts, expectations need to be managed. Hosting can range in price and be a major expense for a business due to the technology backing the site and support.


We came across 000webhost reviews and thought they’d be a perfect share for this blog. We couldn’t believe the feature-rich web hosting this one had compared to other free web hosts. Here is the short list, we highlighted a couple of extra nice features:

  • 99% uptime
  • Free domain registration
  • Add-on domains, subdomains, and parked domains
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Email hosting with webmail, forwarders, and spam filters
  • Monthly to weekly automatic backups
  • 1 GB to unlimited SSD storage (that’s fast!)
  • 10 GB to unlimited bandwidth

This compares with many paid plans for typical entry-level hosting which is why we feel it’s worth the look for your next website.

Infinity Free

Infinity free is another good option when it comes to free website hosting. They’re packed with features and allow users to have many websites on their account, which is great for multiple brands & franchise businesses that allow their companies to have separate websites. They’re relatively new to the game of hosting but are making an impact. Here are some of the features they offer:

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Unlimited Hosting Storage & Bandwidth
  • Hosting for over 25 domain extensions (.com, .net, etc)
  • No forced ads on your website
  • No Credit Card Required
  • Screaming fast
  • 1 Click web site app installation for top CMS’s

This is pretty robust but is lacking a few of the features we look for like free SSL.

Paid “Premium” Website Hosting

Alpha Hosting

Alpha Hosting, formerly SimpleHelix, is a top contender for paid hosting for getting off the ground for us. We use them for many of our client’s sites and have enjoyed some amazing features at a low cost. Some of the features Alpha Hosting offers:

  • World Class Techincal Support
  • Low monthly cost shared hosting environment
  • 1-click install for many, many apps like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla and so many more
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • PCI Compliant hosting
  • Standard SSL on all sites
  • Hardware Firewall
  • Unlimited Email accounts
  • cPanel
  • Did we mention their customer server?

These guys are extremely knowledgeable about what they offer. They’ve helped us with issues ranging from downed websites, missing features, registration issues, and much much more. They’re simply the best hosting solution if you’re looking for a technical partner for years to come.

Siteground Hosting

If our clients aren’t on Alpha hosting, then they’re on SiteGround… no questions asked. Between the 2 we have our perfect mix of starter/incubator clients  & expansive/enterprise clients.

SiteGround offers extremely affordable shared hosting solutions with kick-off pricing that helps you get off the ground with your new site. Their features are expansive, here are some of the highlights:

  • Extremely fast hosting – really
  • High-end security – free Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Reliable email hosting
  • Top notch support
  • Free daily backup
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free Cloudflare
  • cPanel access

SiteGround has been tried and true for us. Most of our new clients get an account with SiteGround as they’re more affordable and offer enough to get started and hold the website strong for years and years to come.

How to decide which hosting is right for you

This is an important decision as your website needs to be up around the clock, load fast, and be secure to rank in search engines, support your users and give the best impression of your business. Picking the right host can be daunting because of this. We recommend comparing features to your budget. If you’re saving every dollar you have for advertising and want to grow into paid & managed to host, then consider the free hosting options we shared in this blog. If you’re able to budget for shared hosting, then Alpha & SiteGround are our go-to hosting services. They’re tried and true and can support virtually any business we’ve thrown at them.

Looking for hosting for a high volume website? You’ll need to consider dedicated server website hosting services. We’ll cover that in our next blog on website hosting.

Finding website hosting that fits you can be daunting. Contact us and we’ll assess where you need to be for you. Our experts are standing by to support you in your business exposure and growth.

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