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Choosing a theme is the key.  It provides or inhibits your sites functionality and just as important it affects the entire look and feel of your website.  There isn’t one perfect theme out there.  The purpose of your website of course determines what theme is the right fit for you.  I’ve been a WordPress developer for over 6 years so I’ve learned what to look for in a theme.  It’s not always the pretty picture that they show on the demo.  There is a lot to take into consideration when choosing a theme.  Here are the top 3 themes that I love and why.

3. Foundry Theme  This theme is easy to use, mobile responsive and sleek.  It even says it on their demo!  One of the best features is that it uses Visual Composer which is one of the top page builders on the market.  The demo pages are great as is and easily editable if needed.  You can choose from a ton of layouts, its completely customizable especially if you know CSS or you are using a developer and again…so important…its completely mobile responsive.  Checkout their demo here 

2. Genesis Theme  I’ll start with the one con…price.  You have to invest in the Genesis framework and then purchase a child theme.  However, if you are a developer, you can use the framework and child themes on unlimited sites so it’s a great investment.  Not only that, but Genesis produces the most gorgeous websites online.  You can use virtually any page builder with the theme or follow their step by step guide to reproducing their demos.  I can’t express the beauty of these themes enough.  Check out their demo here 

1.Avada Theme.  My absolute favorite.  I have yet to find a theme that is more versatile, user friendly, mobile responsive and as beautiful as Avada.  It is my #1 go to theme and I’ve used it on so many websites, including my own, that I’ve lost count.  I will find myself looking for other themes for clients and when all else fails, I end up back with Avada.  They provide one click demo import with over 40 choices of themed layouts and if you chose one and change you mind, you can easily change it up.  Their page builder, Fusion, is easy to use and comes with a tone of elements.  It runs flawlessly and always looks amazing on mobile.  Check out the demo here 

So depending on what you are looking for, any of these themes are a great choice for your new website and any developer will surely be happy if you tell them you want one of these themes for your website!


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