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You can have a website but that doesn’t mean that its converting.  Are you making sales, getting quote requests or bookings?  Is your site beautiful but not optimized?  Is your site optimized but not beautiful?  Do you have no idea what any of this means? 

I’m a web developer, designer and owner of Mint Design Agency.  My business partner is an SEO genius and together we build amazing converting websites.  Here are some important elements that every successful website needs.


Although it may not be the most important part of a well converting website, it does play its part.  If you go to a website that is outdated, busy, cluttered or visually unappealing, chances are you will leave.  A user will decide to stay or leave a website in under 7 seconds and that is typically before they have a chance to fully experience any functionality. There is so much competition on the internet that users don’t have to stay on one site to get the result they are looking for.  So make your site pretty…use appealing colors, choose your fonts wisely and make sure you keep it up to date!

It has to be easy to navigate

If your pages and other landing points are not found quickly and easily, the users will leave.  Don’t make the pages and calls to action (CTA’s) difficult to find.  Put it in the users face, make it impossible for them not to see it.

Make an easy checkout process

Don’t let your users get all the way to the point of purchasing and then complicate things.  If possible, one step checkouts are a great idea.  I don’t know how many times I’m asked “Can you make my checkout like Amazons?”. It’s easy.  You click, put in your info and pay.  Easy forms that don’t require more information than necessary, captchas that don’t require multiple attempts, reduction of popups and offering multiple ways to purchase are all ways to simplify the checkout process.

Pop ups done right

Yes, they can work, but if they are used appropriately.  Why distract a user while they are looking at your site with an annoying pop up when they barely know what your site is about?  Users aren’t ready to commit and purchase when they’ve been on your website for 2 mins.  Set your popups to appear when the user is exiting the site.  At that point what do you have to lose?

Make CTA’s easy to find

Like the easy navigation, make it easy to buy.  Have CTA’s on every page, at the top of the page and the bottom.  Every user views a website differently, some look for CTA’s at the top, some look on the side, some look on the home page, some look on the product pages, so have one in each place and guide your customers through your funnel!


Having legit, genuine testimonials and reviews is priceless.  Having testimonials with images make them even more convincing.  When it come to E-Commerce, people tend to be followers, not leaders.  If you have strong reviews, people are more likely to jump on board than if you have poor reviews or even none.


Not only is SEO necessary for increasing traffic and ranking higher on Google, but it’s good for sending qualified leads.  If you own a bakery and the only people coming to your site are personal trainers, you are going to have a pretty low conversion rate.  Good quality SEO will direct qualified traffic to your site drastically increasing the conversion rate.


If your site is running slow users will leave.  There’s no other way of putting it.  We live in an inpatient world and we expect fast and easy and if you don’t have both, users will find a site that does.  Optimize your site for speed, enough said.

Offer something of value

 One of the most important things told to me by my mentor John Lipe.  You may think your product or service is what everyone wants but if it doesn’t provide something of value then you aren’t going to get very far.  Make sure your potential customers know what that value is.  Tell them how your product or service is going to change their lives for the better.  Give them a reason to sign up for your newsletter or make that purchase. Don’t assume that they know what that something of value is either.  Make it clear to them why they cannot live without it.

Does your site have all of these elements?  Are you missing any?  If your site is not converting and it is missing any of these items then make the change.  Try something new, get your site developed or redesigned.  Add some SEO, change your value proposition.  Then start tracking.  DON’T FORGET TO TRACK!!!

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